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10 Shockingly Simple Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes!

When asked recently by a colleague: "What's the #1 question your clients want answered?" Without hesitation we said: "How to get more likes or fans on my Facebook Page?" It's the gazillion dollar question everyone wants answered, Right?!

With so many recommendations and suggestions the really effective ways tend to get lost on the vast internet of information. All you have to do is Google, Yahoo or Bing this topic to see what we mean.

So what should you do to get more Fans? Should you buy Likes from some site? We would NEVER EVER even consider this and you shouldn't either.

97% if not 100% of bought Likes are from fake Facebook accounts and buying Likes isn't the same as buying Engagement.

Don't despair! Our CSMHQ Team have put our heads together after sorting through a ton of data and we've compiled this comprehensive list of our tried, tested & true methods that we recommend to our social media coaching clients.

1. Create Posts That Inspire People to SHARE Your Content

People LOVE to share great content. When your Fans' friends see them share your great content, they too may reshare it, or even better, they may also "Like" your page. It's a win-win situation.

So how do you create content that delights your readers, current fans and Facebook users enough to cause them to share it? Follow these tips and you'll find that you have plenty material to work with.

Be Educational, Funny, Quirky, Seasonal, Use Quotes, Day Of The Year, Local News Stories, post Blogs (like we're doing now), DIY projects, local charity events and your story (we, like many companies don't do this enough).

These are great ways that make it easy to get more likes on your Facebook page as your current fans share and re-share your awesome content.

2. Promote Your Content Via Cross-Posting and Freebies

As important a recommendation as any you'll find out there is to promote your page on your other social media platforms and accounts which is called Cross-Posting.

You can effectively do this by directing your fans from other platforms to discussions or current LIVE videos that are happening on your page.

This easy method not only generates engagement, it increases it and Facebook Insights is a great way to monitor that engagement.

Facebook exclusive offers where liking your page is a requirement. Product give-aways, ebook downloads, discount coupons and trivia contests also double as lead magnets. As a matter of fact 42% of people say they like a brand page for the coupons and discounts. Generosity goes a long way!

3. Be Regular & Consistent

Post content to your page daily so that you remain highly visible not only to your fans but also to Search Engines. If you're getting great engagement, we recommend that you post more than just once daily.

Posting regularly sends the message that you are serious about your business and its page. Take at least 30 minutes weekly or monthly to plan your posts to ensure both consistency and regularity for your brand.

4. Time it Right

The best time to post will depend on the type of business you're in. Although, studies have found that it’s best to post on Facebook around 9 a.m., and from 1 to 4 p.m.

5. Add a “Like” Button or Box

Add Like buttons or boxes to your blogs, website headers, thank you pages, exit pop-ups and emails.

The more places available for people to Like your page the more likely it is that they will.

6. Keep It Short

According to a study done by Salesforce, tweets that are under 100 characters get higher engagement rates than longer ones. Facebook is no different.

7. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the easiest way to increase your page's Likes as your brand is guaranteed visibility to a highly targeted audience of your choosing.

See what content is resonating with your audience and either boost those posts or run Page Post Engagement ads. In order to “boost” a post however, you must have at least 50 likes on your page, which ironically the Engagement ads are great for.

Want to learn more about Facebook Ads? Check out Facebook's Ads Guide (directly from the horse’s mouth & it’s FREE!)

8. Get Listed

Submit your page to a variety of online directories and sites. You can also try a fan page directory like Fan Page List.

It’s unlikely to result in a ton of likes, but listings help your company get found and require such minimal effort that this is a definite Why Not?

9. Fill out your about page

Your Facebook Page profile ranks highly through SEO and is often times the first thing people view about your business. Make it easy for readers who visit your Facebook page (and increase Facebook likes) to learn about your business by completely filling out your about page.

Include your opening hours, location and contact information, and a short write-up about your business.

Your personal Facebook profile's About is also a fantastic place to list your business. Link your business here as your place of employment.

10. Share user-generated content

Show fans and followers that you care about them by sharing the content they post about your products or your business.

This is a great way to fill out your content calendar, and this encourages other fans to post more content related to your products. More content coming from fans will help spread the name of your business to others in your target market and increase Facebook likes. Their product related posts also make them ambassadors

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