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6 Killer Tips To Optimize My Call To Action Button

Optimize My Call To Action Button

The core purpose of every marketing message is to elicit a response from readers. For email marketing to be effective we coach clients to stick to the coveted trifecta:

  • A strong subject line to entice readers to open your email,

  • A solid offer to hold their interest while reading

  • A clear call to action (CTA) to get them to click after they've read.

Today we'll be delving into the Call To Action (CTA) that actually looks like a button versus a link based CTA.

As Inbound Marketers, we can go on and on extolling the benefits of CTAs -They highlight for our visitors what actions to take. They increase conversion rates, click-through rates and leads! But just incase you're not sold on them read on and decide for yourself.

What The Heck's a Call To Action Anyway?

A call to action (CTA) is a group of words (copy) prompting readers to click it, read it, buy it, schedule it....urging readers to Do Something! According to Wordstream, when used on your website and on your landing pages they guide users towards your goal conversion. It's the part of the landing page that the user needs to click in order to take the action you want them to take.

Why Do I Need A Call To Action Button?

You don't have to take our word for it. Follow the compelling stories that the statistics keep telling, and you can decide for yourself.

Studies show that using a button-based CTA increases click-through rates by 28% over a link-based CTA. Copyblogger found that making CTAs look like buttons created a 45% boost in clicks.

QuickSprout finds that CTA buttons within a video gets 380% more clicks than their normal CTA.

According to Unbounce more than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA button copy.

Brafton made design changes for a client by adding CTA buttons to article templates. This increased revenue by 83% in just one month.

So now that you've read how much heavy lifting CTA buttons can do, you may be wondering how you too can pack a whopper with your very own CTA button. Well we have you covered.

How Do I Optimize My Call To Action Button?

Here are some killer tips; 3 for writing (W) your CTA text and 3 for designing (D) your buttons; that will energize your CTA buttons!

1. (W) Get To The Point!

The best CTA buttons use precise, actionable verbiage to attract attention. You have just a few seconds to grab and hold the online skimmers, so get straight to the point.

2. (D) Use contrasting colors for your CTA button.

A current hot trend in colour contrast is the orange CTA button on a blue background. QuickSprout found that orange CTAs boosted their conversion rate over 32.5%.

It stands out and provokes a reaction.

3. (W) Actionize It.

The more action-oriented your CTA button the more it resonates with your audience and the more immediate a reaction it provokes. Here are a few examples:

  • Read my eBook

  • Start my trial

  • Register now

  • Take 50% off

4. (D) Stand Out!

A major optimization principle is to make the button stand out from the rest of the page, so it’s easy for prospects to find the button. Use a healthy dose of whitespace to draw your viewer’s eye to your button. It's a simple but very effective tip.

Design a clean landing page intended to create a flow towards your CTA. Don’t crowd your copy with images, benefits and propositions. This will work for your mobile readers as well, as it leaves a clear area for clicking.

Another study cited that reducing clutter around their CTA increased Open Mile's conversion rate by 232%

5. (W) The I's Have It

Unbounce shared a study where ContentVerve saw a 90% increase in click-through rate by changing the CTA button text to first-person phrasing.

Example: "Start my free 30 day trial" vs. "Start your free 30 day trial."

6. (D) Click Over Here!

Visuals like arrows and outlines to draw the eye to your button. According to Marketing Tech Blog, Helzberg Diamonds saw a 26% increase in clicks by adding an arrow icon to their CTA buttons.

Your CTA button should be the focal point of your page.

While you keep our tips in mind, the best way to find out what CTA button works on your landing page and emails is to test different versions in the real world on your potential customers.

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