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4 Must Have Marketing Materials Every Small Business Can Afford On A Budget.

No matter your industry or budget, you must be able to effectively advertise, market and promote your business in order to be successful. The best way to do this is to have printed marketing materials. They are what business owners use to promote their companies and their services. Customers as well as employees love receiving their share of FREE branded company merchandise.

While brand merch is vital in getting your business information into the hands of potential clients and customers, they can eat up your budget as an entrepreneur or small business owner. This leaves many trying to decide what they absolutely need and what they simply would like to have. Having a sound marketing strategy can help make your marketing budget make more cents. It can be made to work in conjunction with your printed promotional items so that you get the most bang for your hard earned bucks.

So here is our list of the four (4) ‘must have’ types of printed branded materials that every entrepreneur and small business owner should have in their arsenal:

1. Paper Marketing Materials

Examples: brochures, flyers, business cards and menus

These can consist of brochures, flyers, posters, post cards, business cards, menus and sales sheets among many others. For many business having business cards are a matter of priority, we’d say that is a smart choice.

2. Promotional Marketing Materials

Examples: T-shirts, mugs, calendar, pens, keychains

Items such as t-shirts, mugs, key chains, pens, caps, sweat bands and may more help make your company more recognizable to your potential markets.

3. Stationery

Examples: letterheads, greeting cards, invitations, address labels and rubber stamps

Letterheads are for many as much a priority as business cards. Greeting cards, address labels, rubber stamps, note paper all help to add an air of professionalism and BIG business to any brand regardless of their size and reach.

4. Signs & Banners

Examples: banners, lawn signs, posters, bumper stickers

Signage is as important to a company as a name is to a person. They bring attention to a business location, and event, sponsor or a promotion. Their size and positioning allow for easy identification even by passers by.

You can tackle multiple points with each promotional item. For example, you can do giveaways for customers, recognize employees, and support organizations or causes in your local community. Don’t under estimate the mileage that trade shows and other vending opportunities can give your business.

Local event planners hosting events, will sometimes look to local businesses to supply items for gifts bags. These bags are handed out to each attendee. Swag bags are also distributed at conferences. Some events are small with less than 50 people while others can have hundreds of attendees. So the opportunity to promote your business comes in many levels.

Conclusion: Getting your business information into the hands of a potential consumer is the ultimate goal. When investing in promotional items remember to include your business name, logo, and website. If space permits, include your address and phone number.

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