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By now, you should be familiar with (if not experiencing information overload) the consequences of this COVID-19 pandemic. Reports that are coming in from all quarters have shown significant increases in the closure of traditional, brick & mortar businesses. Many business owners have been at the throats of their local, regional and federal authorities about WHY and WHEN certain industries will reopen after mitigation measures of shut-downs, lock-downs and nationwide stay-at-home orders.

Just a few weeks ago, a popular business in the island of Trinidad and Tobago took to their facebook page to take their government to task for the timing of the proposed phased reopening of certain industries. Reading that post, and many others like it, the fear of collapse and frustration is palpable. Could you blame them? As entrepreneurs or small to medium sized business owners the buffer of comfort is wearing alarmingly thin by now.

However, instead of dwelling on the economic damage, and uncertainty that exists, we want you to consider inoculating your business against global factors that you have no control over. What we’re talking about has absolutely nothing to do with a visit to a health facility and everything to do with creating that buffer that will enable your business to ride out catastrophic global events

Here are 5 simple steps we’ve put together that will vaccinate your business in the face of global economic disruption from events such as COVID-19.


As more and more people go online to search, to browse, to hangout and relax, it is imperative that you be found wherever your clients and potential customers are and that is.... ONLINE! You want when they search online for a roti shop nearby, a gas station that’s still open, the number for a hardware, or a agri-store that sells seedlings that they are able to find you. So you want a social media presence, not only to be found but also as a way to communicate with them, actual and potential customers alike.

They may not be a customer yet but they have a question, are looking for a particular product that you alone still have in stock. Having a social media presence can also lead customers who are ready to buy straight to your virtual front door. Don’t miss this opportunity. There are a number of social media platforms available that will more than adequately service your business. Some of the more well-known ones are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter of course but each platform will deliver best results based on the type of business it is and the type of market it serves.


Many businesses have survived just fine without a website and that fact is true. With the use of a shared network (marketplace) you can have an online presence and never have to actually have a website. But what is a website, anyway?

Our definition of a website is that, it’s an online space that is owned by and is specifically dedicated to the activities of your business and your business alone. It’s like having your own very own newspaper. You can have whatever sections you need to and or want to without the distractions that come with being on a shared online space like Instagram. This is very cool, as you can set up your website however you like, to showcase and attract your desired customers. Getting a website consists of the following:

  • Deciding What to Sell

  • Buying a Domain Name

  • Creating A Website

  • Adding Content To Your Website

  • Setting up Payment Method such as E-commerce (step 5)


Employers have previously been hesitant to embrace a remote work policy but with the global pandemic, it has become the new way ensure that business can continue operate at maximum capacity and so, they now find it necessary to reconsider such a position.

In order to make the Work-From-Home dream a reality, it has become necessary to systemise your business. So whatever hesitation or objection, you had as a business owner will go out the door once you decide that you want to continue being in business.

Systemising a business, simply refers to using larger processes that integrates 2 or more smaller business activities. There are quite a number of options to choose from when looking for remote employee monitoring & time tracking solutions. Systems make your business consistent and help it make consistent income.


The use of systems and automation can have overlap and similarities but that that is only because they you can automate systems and systems can provide automation. The type automation we are speaking off when you can set a process in motion and forget it. It can be set up with conditions and sequences to ensure that things are done and done on time.

Automation is the use of technology that performs tasks that were previously performed by us humans. Hubspot is an example of a system that has automation features. It has a built in customer relationship manager (CRM) that can help your business create a consistent customer experience.


Last but not least is the use of e-commerce on your website. E-commerce is electronically buying and or selling products and services over the internet.

The life’s blood of your business is its clients and customers. So with consumers being unable to venture out and visit businesses; their favourite doubles stall, hair salon or barber, fav watering holes, and restaurants; having an online presence is more critical to the survival of your business than ever before. There has been a drastic shift in people’s spending habits, especially in the Caribbean with more and more people going online to shop. Moving your business online, and utilising e-commerce will not only keep the doors of your business open but allow you to continue to generate much-needed revenue to keep your operations going.

To help your brick-and-mortar business escape the dreaded “Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice” kiss of death and continue to be a thriving company, you need to be online.

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