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If WhatsApp is your main messenger app, then this article will be of particular importance to you. WhatsApp messenger app which is owned by Facebook has 2 types, Business WhatsApp and Ordinary WhatsApp.

Business WhatsApp as its name implies is tailor made for businesses. It’s an application designed to help business owners communicate with their customers, respond more quickly to messages, get analytical information and more.

The application is very similar to the standard application that over 1.5 billion users have come to know and love. But instead of a personal profile, you have a verifiable business profile. With this business account, we entrepreneurs can create a WhatsApp business account with specific information about our business. It also has some specific features such as catalogue and business verification that makes it a more desirable messenger app for companies. However, whichever of the apps that you use researchers has discovered a gapping hole in WhatsApp security. On average, 40% of versions of WhatsApp used by enterprises are vulnerable. This shouldn't happen. It shouldn't be possible. Not with a platform used by 2 billion people. Not this easily.

"Despite its vast user base, WhatsApp is creaking at the seams. Its architecture has fallen behind its rivals, missing key features such as multi-device access and fully encrypted backups. As the world’s most popular messenger focuses on mandating new terms of service to enable Facebook’s latest money-making schemes, these much-needed advancements remain “in development.” quoted from Forbes contributor Zack Doffman

WhatsApp users have been warned of a scam that involves a hard-to-spot malicious message that appears to come from someone on your contact list. The scam works when hackers send a user a code via text on their smartphone, followed by a WhatsApp message from someone on their contact list. When the "friend” asks the recipient to share the code, the hacker can easily access their WhatsApp account. Researchers had observed similar attacks earlier in 2020, but it seems users are once again in hackers’ cross hairs.

It's possible for an attacker to completely suspend your WhatsApp account, without any recourse for the individual user, and all they need is your phone number. This newly discovered issue is a loophole that will allow ANYONE who knows your number to have your WhatsApp suspended, blocked and eventually shutdown. Here’s how it works:

  1. An attacker installs WhatsApp on a new phone

  2. Puts in your number to activate the app

  3. WhatsApp sends a 6-digit authentication code to your phone – which they don’t have

  4. The attacker then inputs a wrong code too many times, which eventually blocks the ability to log in for 12 hours.

Now that your account is locked, the attacker send a support message to WhatsApp from their email address, saying that the phone has been lost or stolen, and that the account associated with the number needs to be deactivated. WhatsApp verifies this with an email in reply and suspends your account without any input other than what has been received from the attacker.

The attacker can then repeat this process several times and create a semi-permanent lock on your WhatsApp account. This loophole was discovered by a pair of security researchers, Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereñ abd was first reported by Forbes on early in April 2021 At the time of publishing there was no solution for this issue and it is reported that not even the messenger app's famed two-step verification can stop this.

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