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Omarian Tsoiafatt

Head Graphic Designer

In 2007 I hired someone to make a sign. I expected to have to go to the hardware store to buy board and paint to do this signage. The gentleman I hired, then said to me, "that's not what I do. I am going to make your Sign right here on one of your computers and take it to print on vinyl and hang it to the front of your store". I was in awe. He was invited into the office to do the design and I watched every click of the mouse. I fell in love with Graphic Designing that day.

One year later, I enrolled at Ashworth College and became a Graphic Arts Designer. It is my passion. I dropped everything and spent hours a day honing my craft at every learning opportunity I could find. YouTube and Google became my playroom.


Omarian Tsoiafatt
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